Look up Metaplex program error codes by hex or decimal values.


metaboss find error 0x1770


metaboss find error 6000


Auction House | PublicKeyMismatch: PublicKeyMismatch
Auctioneer |    BumpSeedNotInHashMap: Bump seed not in hash map
Candy Machine | IncorrectOwner: Account does not have correct owner!

Currently supported programs:

  • Token Metadata
  • Auction House
  • Auctioneer
  • Candy Machine

It also decodes Anchor specific errors.

metaboss find 3000
Anchor Program |        AccountDiscriminatorAlreadySet: The account discriminator was already set on this account

Missing Editions

Find any edition numbers in the sequence that have not been minted. See [editions][] for more details on how to interact with editions with Metaboss.