This is an experimental feature that uses the TPU client to rapidly and efficiently make transfers. It relies on the Jib library for transmitting instructiosn via TPU. You should carefully test it on devnet prior to running it on mainnet.

The benefit of using the TPU client is that is can rapidly transmit the transactions directly to the consensus leader and the command does not require a high-throughput private RPC node and can use the public ones by default as the RPC node is only used for determining the current leader.

Airdrop SOL

Airdrop SOL to a list of accounts.

Airdrop SOL

    metaboss airdrop sol [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -c, --cache-file <cache-file>            Cache file
    -k, --keypair <keypair>                  Path to the owner keypair file
    -l, --log-level <log-level>              Log level [default: off]
    -n, --network <network>                  Network cluster to use, defaults to devnet [default: devnet]
    -L, --recipient-list <recipient-list>    Path to the mint list file
    -r, --rpc <rpc>                          RPC endpoint url to override using the Solana config or the hard-coded
    -T, --timeout <timeout>                  Timeout to override default value of 90 seconds [default: 90]

This command requires a recipient list file that should be a hashmap/dictionary/object of addresses and the amount of lamports to send to them. (1 SOL = 1,000,000,000 lamports) E.g.:

  "HVtodaLcq6zVvqp7h6JwLLrsAGxeJ9BatvgpUfp9b4oM": 1000,
  "5VXU4QbhUZbkBqKxT3Mv55krE4MomMgtV68whNRotjk5": 1000,
  "GSFKDFeCe93aUscmG84ugtXXNPMGoMcbZwRaamPLXS9o": 5000,
  "DCYHBcWGgdUUCBbj7rjbkBJWkuoHAH88BzMKfbbkFUNJ": 7000,
  "8MUCm4HxRXQUKMyanyNcvcG4qbAmw5s6y9exiszFZgg": 5000,
  "sknqbvGgVFpniWRK9kM1e77Fuq5oEhSZ5He4PtbTeZh": 3000  


metaboss airdrop sol  -L <PATH_TO_RECIPIENTS_LIST_FILE> -n devnet

This command creates two files: mb-cache-airdrop-<TIMESTAMP>.json and mb-successful-airdrops-<TIMESTAMP>.json. The cache file is used to track the airdrop progress by storing failed transactions and the successful airdrops file is used to track the successful airdrops by storing transaction signatures of the successful airdrops.

To re-run failed transactions run the command with the cache file instead of the recipient list file:

metaboss airdrop sol  -c <PATH_TO_CACHE_FILE> -n devnet

If transactions continuously fail you should look at the errors in the cache file and determine the cause.