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The Solana Metaplex NFT 'Swiss Army Knife' tool.

Current supported features:

  • Decode the metadata of a token mint account

  • Mint new NFTs from a JSON file

  • Set primary_sale_happened bool on an NFT's metadata

  • Set update_authorty address on an NFT's metadata

  • Verify a creator by signing the metadata accounts for all tokens in a list, for a given candy machine id or a single mint account

  • Get a snapshot of current NFT holders for a given candy machine ID or update authority

  • Get a list of mint accounts for a given candy machine ID or update authority

  • Get a list of all candy machine state and config accounts for a given update authority

  • Update all metadata Data struct fields for a NFT

  • Update just the URI for a NFT

Suggestions and PRs welcome!

Note: This is experimental software for a young ecosystem. Use at your own risk. The author is not responsible for misuse of the software or failing to test specific commands before using on production NFTs.

For non-technical users, the recommended way to install is to use the install script to install on MacOs, Ubuntu, or other Unix-like OS, by copying the following into a terminal:

bash <(curl -sSf

This will download the appropriate binary for your system and install it. Feel free to inspect the install script directly at the link to see what you are running before you run the command.

For Windows, either use the prebuilt binary in the following section, or install Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL) to use the Ubuntu terminal to run the above installation script.

To install WSL on Windows, either run wsl --install -d ubuntu in the cmd prompt terminal, or install "Ubuntu" from the Windows app store. Once you have that set up you can simply run the install script in the WSL terminal. You will then run all your Metaboss commands from WSL as well.


Linux, MacOS and Windows binaries available in releases, thanks to CI work done by Kartik Soneji.

Install From Source

Install Rust.

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Clone the source:

git clone


git clone

On Ubuntu you may need some additional packages:

sudo apt install libssl-dev libudev-dev pkg-config

Change directory and check out the main branch:

cd metaboss
git checkout main

Install or build with Rust:

cargo install --path ./


cargo build --release

Set Up Your Solana Config

If you have the Solana CLI installed (recommended) you can setup your RPC and keypair so you don't have to pass them into Metaboss:

solana config set --url <rpc url> --keypair <path to keypair file>